Sunday, 21 August 2016


Good evening! I'm just popping in to show you my carefully chosen purchases from Fibre East; three very beautiful skeins and a rather lovely spotty crochet hook.

Easyknits has to be one of my 'must go to' vendors at the shows. Jon dyes beautifully and loves a touch of sparkle. Although I'm not a massive lace weight knitter, I couldn't resist this gorgeous skein of Twinkle Lace in colour way 'Into the Blue'. It's a 75% merino, 20% silk and 5% stellia mix and will probably end up becoming another 'Almost Ovals' scarf. My pics are not too good a colour match   as the blues are really much more turquoise.

Next up is a fabulously soft skein of 'Five Moons' 75% merino 20% nylon mix, also with a touch of sparkle! It's due to become ...... socks!

Last up is a really lovely skein of Stride self-striping from 'The Knitting Swede'. It's 75% super wash BFL and 25%nylon. This little beauty is joining me on a trip to Provence tomorrow and will return, hopefully, as a pair of Provence Socks, to remind me of the beautiful lavender fields.

See you in a couple of week! :-)

Monday, 15 August 2016

SHOW DAY......

Well, we've just returned from a really lovely couple of weeks up in North Yorkshire, with lots of family time and fun with the grandchildren. There really wasn't that much knitting time to be had, but I did spend a frantic couple of days finishing off an entry for one of the local country shows. 

We've had a great day out at the Thornton-le-Dale Show for the last two years and I've loved seeing all the entries in the craft tent, so this year it was time to support the cause with Bunny Girl (Knitted Toy),   Little Flower Coat (Knitted Matinee Jacket)  and Rainbow Marley Hat (Any Other Baby Item).

 As you can see from the photo below, the Marley Hat looked just a little out of place amongst the other traditional baby items :-) :-)! Needless to say, it wasn't placed, but baby Isaac has been a very grateful recipient of it.

 My Matinee Jacket was not placed either, although I thought it looked pretty good amongst the entries. It was a fun knit though and will make a useful gift for someone's newborn at some point, although I have to say, I'd not knitted a matinee jacket since my own three were babies. In fact, the pattern I used was the first one I completed when expecting my son ( my first born).

 Then, of course, there was Bunny Girl! I LOVE her! She looked a little lost and alone as I left her sitting on the white tablecloth, beside the many much grander and larger toys.

On our return during the afternoon, I have to admit to being very excited to see that Bunny Girl was proudly sitting on a blue Second Place card! WooHoo! All credit must be given to the winner, which was the lovely large brown bear sitting next but one to her in the photo above.

Yes, I'll take that! Well done Bunny Girl!

I'm off to Provence next weekend, so may or may not see you for a week or two, although I still haven't shown you my small, carefully chosen, purchases from Fibre, so I'll try to pop in again before I go.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


Once again the Fibre East organisers pulled out all the stops to put on a fantastic festival of all things yarny. It's fast becoming a most important date in my diary. The venue is perfect, with plenty of parking, spacious and varied vendor spaces, outdoor sunshine spaces, excellent and well organised catering facilities and YARN!!! Yarn and everything one might ever need, in order to magic the yarn into wonderful and magnificent creations! Add all of this to friendly exhibitors and vendors and catching up with friends and you have the perfect mix for a very successful fibre festival. 

I had a ball and thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday visit; meeting up with my great pal Josiekitten and managing to make a few very carefully selected purchases!

There is always so much colour and vibrancy to feast the eyes upon, so many ideas triggered and so much talent on display.

Thanks to everyone involved, it was another great Fibre East! Looking forward to next year!
You'll have to wait to see my purchases, as we came up to Yorkshire the day after the event and I've yet to photograph them, swatch this space.  

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Well, Rose Bunny began her entry into the world about a week ago. I thought her birth would only take me a couple of evenings, but I was wrong. I took extra care to make sure each part of her was the best it could be and that she would live her life with a pleasing and appealing expression on her little face. I have to say, I'm very happy with the outcome and pleased that she has taken up residence in our home. 

The pattern is just perfect. It's 'Bunny Girl in a Dotty Dress' by Julie Williams. She has a wonderful blog here. The pages of pattern are very clear, easy to follow and contain plenty of diagrams and photos to help you on your way to a perfect little bunny.

I chose not to seam the back of the dress, but to add a second button and loop instead, so as her cute little cotton candy tail could be on show.

There are other 'seasonal' dresses to make too, which no doubt you will see examples of here in the not too distant future, as I have to admit to being pretty addicted to making this cuteness! She certainly needs a few more additions to her wardrobe, don't you think? After all, she is a girl!!!

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Yesterday, we had a busy day out ( the clue is in the photo above) and got home pretty late last night, so today has mainly consisted of pootling about, doing not very much. It's been so, so hot too! Even sitting in the garden knitting this afternoon, didn't capture my enthusiasm. So, I pottered around doing odd jobs, whilst Mr Snoops was out playing in a Bridge competition.

I needed the hook pole to pull down the garden blind that shades the lounge on days like this and whilst rummaging for it (no, I didn't find it!) I came across something much, much more exciting..... my cardboard box full of all the knitting patterns I had ever bought pre the 'let's not knit anymore because it's gone out of fashion' era. We're looking at patterns that had also been my mother's; patterns costing 9d!!!! Old money! Yes, these are real treasures and have been missing from my life for way too many years. It's not that I haven't looked for them. Believe me, I have! I've racked my brains trying to remember where I might have put them or where they might have gone, but to no avail. Until today that is when, as I glanced down beneath shelves laden with rusty paint tins and discarded plant pots and odds and ends, deep down, well-hidden behind an old bike,  there I spied old cardboard box that had once held photocopier paper. That was the kind of box my patterns had been in, when I last saw them, so this was definitely worth a further look. You cannot imagine my delight when, as I lifted the old antique tin of white emulsion from the top and the rusty wallpaper stripper, there looking up at me was a little doll face wearing an orange and white bonnet!

I've searched high and low for suitable dolls' clothes patterns for my three little granddaughters, kicking myself each time I've needed one, remembering that I had some long ago that would have been just perfect. Well, here they are!

Found, after all this time! I couldn't imagine that I would have ever have parted with them, but for years they have lain hidden away. I have carefully taken out each one and wiped it free of dust, spider web and dead insects and rebooted in a new secure home with a lid. They have been ceremoniously placed on a high status craft shelf, next to the silk paints, never more to live amongst the spiders and rusty cast-offs! I think you can tell I'm pretty blooming pleased! :-)

The busy day out that led to my more restful Sunday was a day pass to see the pink, woolly sheep that have come to symbolise the Latitude Music Festival, held at Henham Park near Southwold in Suffolk. The sun shone, the rain stayed away, the meet up with friends was lovely and the music was phenomenal. There really is nothing to compare with live music and we always delight in seeking out bands that we have never heard of. I know, that's not difficult, as we are no longer spring chicks! The music ranged from John Grant, the National, Nathaniel Ratliff and the Night Sweats, the Squeeze and Sturgill Simpson to the more innovative and very exciting sounds of Ratboy, Half Moon Run, Kurt Vile and the Violators and........ the most phenomenal hour of the day brought to us courtesy of Soulwax.

All in all it's been a pretty good weekend. Looking forward to three more days with my current class, before we finish for the summer. Whoohoo!!!!!!

Sunday, 10 July 2016


Sorry I missed you last weekend. Life was busy and we were out and about; before I knew it the weekend had almost gone and I still had schoolwork to do. My best laid plans to post on Monday evening didn't come to fruition either, as I whiled away the evening researching holiday bits and pieces.

I celebrated yet another birthday last Tuesday, with a parsnip and coconut birthday cake made my a friend. It was delicious! I'm not going to tell you how many candles should have been on top; suffice it to say, I certainly don't feel my age! 

To kick off the celebrations I had a lovely visit from my dear friend Josiekitten, who came laden with some very, very lovely and thoughtful gifts. I felt thoroughly spoilt! 

As you can see, there were plenty of surprises to unwrap, including my favourite project bag to date, made by her own fair hands, which makes it even more special. I just love the cute doggie print and that beautiful yellow and white dotty lining ( she knows me very well..... I love spotty linings!). There was a skein of one of my favourite sock yarns, some super lovely gift tags, a tin of my favourite 'rings' stitch markers from FripperiesnBibelots, a beautiful kit to make my very own version of the gorgeous cushion covers that JK has been sewing up recently and that I've swooned over and a squishy cushion to cover with it! To top this magnificent array of goodies, there was a little bob containing 24 mini tied lengths of sock yarn with a card ........... A yarny 'Advent' ure to come!' Can you spot it in the photo? Well, my squeal of excitement was pretty loud! The message was pretty clear! I would be the lucky recipient of one of the 'must have', hard to get hold of, Opal Advent calendars. Twenty-four exquisite mini skeins to tempt the twitchy knitty fingers. Twenty-four unseen little windows of loveliness. I CAN'T WAIT!

These beauties arrived too. Such soft, pretty colours and shapes. They never last long enough for my liking though.

I've been knocking on with my 'Guernsey' sweater. Progress is quite slow with the fine four-ply yarn, but I'm enjoying the relaxing quantities of stocking stitch that make for very therapeutic knitting after a day at school. I'm just hanging on in now for the holidays to begin!


Sunday, 26 June 2016


It's been a busy week, as usual, chez Snoops' and the weekend has also vanished before I had really noticed that it had even started! Yesterday morning dawned warm and sunny, so I accompanied Mr Snoops to the Park Run. He ran, I watched!!! I love waiting in this spot, with Oscar too of course, as you can watch all the runners pass over the bridge three times in all. It's also a really great sun trap in the early morning.

I have three current projects on the go, apart from two blankets which will be ongoing for ever and a day. I am itching with startitis at present, but have so far managed to curb the compulsion until these three project bags are EMPTY! That means rather a lot of knitting needing to be done.

I'm loving this Regia sock yarn and have managed to work the heel using Magic Loop this time. For the first pair I made using this method, I switched to DPNs for the heel. Not sure why, as it's pretty easy to manage on the loop. The rest of the foot will be in the navy blue. Cute!

These Helen socks have been hanging around for way too long. I love the pattern and I love the yarn, so I just need to pay them some attention!

This little beauty is getting most of the attention at present. It's a reading, pretty straightforward knit; just perfect for school nights, when my brain is tired! As it's in 4ply, progress is quite slow, but the back is almost finished and that's enough to spur me on.

Don't expect to call back next week and find I've managed to empty those bags. That would be nothing short of miraculous, although after the awful week in British politics that has had to be endured I feel like I need to book myself in to a knitting retreat for a week!

We're not great gardeners, but with the large amounts of sunshine followed by plenty of rain last week, everything seems to be doing pretty well. All except the poor roses, that had come into magnificent bloom just as the storms arrived to decimate them. I know there'll be more!

That's about it from my little corner of Bogland. See you next week!